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Thank you very much for a great course. It’s amazingly well designed, with the sections cut up to a size that allows you to do just as much as you like, when you have time and energy. The instructions are clear with illustrations and examples.

Tiia Taskila

Customer service coordinator, Koja Oy

The course is really good and interesting. It is well designed and easy to follow. The learning from the activities is easily transferable to working life. I have already used my new skills in my work, where I have to use a lot of Excel and PowerPoint. The people at the course were quick to provide support.

Anne-Mari Kulhomäki

Teaching coordinator, University of Eastern Finland

In my job as a production manager at Pohjolan Liikenne, I constantly need Excel and PowerPoint for driving time planning and other logistics. The course really helped me in my work. It is versatile. The instructions are of very high quality and clear. I always looked forward to doing the tasks from start to finish, as the material was of such high quality. Thank you for the course!

Daniel Leppänen

Production Manager, Oy Pohjolan Liikenne Ab

I warmly recommend the Digital Skills Accelerator course: Office Pro. The course required my full concentration while doing it, because there was a lot of new information. I set aside days to complete the course so that I wouldn’t end up multitasking.

The basics alone have saved me a considerable number of work hours, not to mention the more advanced sections. I use the lessons from the course in my daily work all the time. My skills in using Word, PowerPoint and Excel have also surprised my supervisor, who praised my clear and visual reports.


Jenni Liuski

Training Manager, Varangi Oy

I played hockey professionally for 15 years for Kalpa, among others, and now, after a career in professional sports, I am studying a new profession in wellness. The course was of high quality and comprehensive in content. It suited me very well: The course started with simple basics and progressed to more challenging topics. The course is a good way to start your studies. I became very familiar with the software and got a lot of help from it.


Sami Mutanen

Student, Savonia University of Applied Sciences

The course was excellent. It felt like it was designed just for me. The course gave me a lot, and the topics were covered in a comprehensive way. The online course gave me the peace of mind to proceed at my own pace, which helped me to grasp things. The course was a pleasure to do and a pleasure to return to. Now I can find the right features at the moment I need them, whereas before I was just trying to get by with basic functionality.

Anne Härkönen

ICT Planner, Meidän IT ja talous Oy


Experiences of those who have taken a Word course

At the beginning, there was a concern that the course was too basic and superficial. But the concern was unnecessary. After the beginning, the course went very deep. In the end, the recap of the beginning proved to be necessary, because without it, the rest of the tasks could hardly have been done. So I think the course is well structured.


Antti Piipponen

Teacher, Kainuu Vocational College

In an entrepreneurial family office, I need a lot of Word for tenders, self-monitoring, regulatory reports and more. This section was really useful for me. This brought up a lot of things that I have struggled with in the past. In the past, for example, I have struggled with references, especially cross-references. Another issue is page numbering, which has always “gone off the rails” at some point. This time it worked! The step-by-step guide is really good. Page numbers, cross-references and so on are not small things, but make my work and the work of others much easier, as it is easy to find the right place when browsing through documents.


Mari Kuosmanen

Agricultural entrepreneur, Jokilehto farm

Testimonials from Excel course participants

The course significantly deepened my skills and my understanding of Excel. The possibility of revisiting previously covered topics and the videos embedded within the text sections clarified and facilitated learning. After completing the course, I am confident in using and managing advanced Excel features such as Pivot Tables.

Sara Johnson

Customer Service Representative and Marketing Assistant, KokoTeatteri

The pivot table has always been such a bogeyman for me. I’ve never been able to get them to line up. Now that I was able to get hands-on help with them, I realised that they were not as impossible as I had previously thought.

Now I dare to take them on and try them out. This is very useful, when you need to work on reporting.


Heidi Niinimäki

City of Tampere

PowerPoint course experiences

The second PowerPoint session was particularly enlightening and good! I got really useful advice and tips on how to get the most out of the programme. Before the course, I had simply not internalised the techniques offered by the programme to support a presentation, such as splitting the presentation into parts or the presentation view. It’s typical when you introduce a program and don’t familiarize yourself, or aren’t familiarized, with its features.

These programmes are used all the time, but a large proportion of users are not aware of the possibilities they offer. Getting to grips with the extensive software on your own without support is challenging.


Pasi Hyytiä

Expert in the financial sector

This PowerPoint tutorial is absolutely amazing! I discovered so many new things that I can’t wait to float around the workplace with my new skills. It’s as if I’d got to Hogwarts and someone had just taught me magic. 😍

For example, I didn’t know that you could use video, subtitles and audio in PowerPoint in this way. The image banks and design ideas are also a good find for me.

All in all, the overall experience was superb!


Eeva Saajoranta

Sales and Marketing Assistant, Loomis Finland Oy

For me, PowerPoint was important in my work, especially in bringing presentations to life. In the past, my presentations were basically “headline and text below”. They would even rattle me. During the course, I learned how to make presentations look nice and versatile with videos and formats, among other things.


Tuula Rahikainen

Project Secretary, Jyväskylän messut Oy