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Office Skills Accelerator provides professionally designed Microsoft Excel courses online. You can choose between advanced Excel Pro and lighter Excel Basics. Both courses start from the basics, so they are suitable for all entry levels. You learn by doing and move forward step by step with the help of our online teachers.
Excel course online for all entry levels.

Engaging and Practical Excel Training


Learn by doing practical exercises throughout the whole course.


You will learn everything step by step with clear instructions, pictures and videos.


Our online teachers give you feedback and support if you have problems.


You will receive a certificate from all our courses. . Each Excel course will be credited with 1 ECTS credit.

Choose the Microsoft Excel course that suits you

Our Excel Pro course includes comprehensive Excel training divided into three sections: Basics, Advanced use of Excel and Data Analysis. We also offer a lighter Excel Basics course, which covers the basic use of Microsoft Excel.

Both courses are designed for all entry levels.





Contents of our Excel course


BASICS of Excel





A Sneak Peek into Your Learning Journey

Explore our a few of our videos to preview the learning experience that awaits you. They’re short, they’re insightful, and they’re to the point.

Basic Formulas

Play Video

Understand Excel formulas effortlessly with this comprehensive, step-by-step video showcasing how to calculate and copy formulas.

Calculating Sums

Play Video

Discover tricks for effortless ‘Sum’ calculations in Excel, swiftly mastering single, multiple, and even sum of sums.

Calculations Between Sheets

Play Video

Master the art of inter-sheet calculations and formula references in our course, with easy step-by-step guidance.

Benefits of Microsoft Excel Training

Save time

When you know what you are doing, you do it faster. Maybe faster than your colleagues.

Do more

Microsoft Office has a lot to offer. With this course, you learn to use all its features.

Stand out professionally

When you know what you are doing, you do it better and stand out with your work.

Be independent

Working is more rewarding when you don't always have to rely on the skills of your colleagues.

Want to train your personnel?

People Behind the Courses

Office Skills Accelerator courses are run by a Finnish company Itsellesi, founded by Jari Mustonen. The goal of all courses is to create learning experiences that combine the best pedagogy, a smooth user experience and quality content.

In 2020, amid global upheaval, my dual background in IT and psychology spurred me to create an online course on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint mastery. Fueled by a desire to transform learning into a captivating process, I assembled a team from Finland's top-notch education system. Our course launched in Fall 2020 and was a hit, with over 7000 participants praising its engaging and enjoyable approach. Feedback likened the experience to "learning to cast spells at Hogwarts".
In 2023, we launched an English version, aiming to broaden our reach. Our course offers practical skills in innovative ways, like utilizing pivot tables for data analysis or incorporating screen videos into PowerPoint, reflecting real-life scenarios.

Experts who helped to build the courses

Several experts have contributed to developing the Office Skills Accelerator courses, bringing their expertise to ensure wide-ranging course content.


Päivi Pylväläinen

Päivi is one of Finland’s leading Microsoft Office trainers with over 35 years of experience in training Office applications.

Päivi has been responsible for designing the contents of the courses.


Solja Sulkunen

Solja is one of Finland’s leading educational innovators. She is a pedagogical designer with an extensive background in designing different educational services.

As a pedagogical designer, Solja has planned the pedagogical structure of the courses and ensured that the courses are built on learning experience and latest research.


Jukka Korpela

Jukka is a non-fiction writer whose literary output focuses on information technology and the internet.

Jukka has contributed extensively to the development of the course materials, especially on the materials about accessibility.

Markus Itkonen

Markus is a graphic designer and Doctor of Arts specialized in typography.

He is the author of a Finnish handbook in typography, which has become a classic in its field.

Markus has helped especially with the design and layout of the course documents.

When to participate our Microsoft Excel courses online?

We provide several time windows during the year to complete the course. During the time window, you will have access to live support from our teachers.

You are free to complete the course at your own pace. Depending on the course you have chosen, it will take normally from one day to a week to complete the course

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