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Microsoft Office Course Online. Learn by doing.

Engaging and Practical Training


Learn by doing practical exercises throughout the whole course.


You will learn everything step by step with clear instructions, pictures and videos.


Our online teachers give you feedback and support if you have problems.


You will receive a certificate from all our courses. Each course will be credited with 1-3 ECTS credits.

Our Microsoft Office Courses

Microsoft Office Pro


Microsoft Office Basics


Individual Word, Excel and PowerPoint Courses

Word Courses

Discover all the amazing features of Word you didn’t know about before. You’ll learn the basics of word processing, how to create long documents, and advanced use of Word.

Excel Courses

Deepen your Excel skills and unlock all its secrets. The course covers the basics of Excel, advanced use of Excel, and data analysis.

PowerPoint Courses

Learn how to create truly stylish PowerPoint presentations. You will learn the basics of slide presentations, the keys to a good presentation, and how to liven up your PowerPoint presentation.

Learn Microsoft 365 Office Online

We provide professional online Microsoft 365 Office courses that help you or your employees to make the most of Microsoft Office applications. The courses start from the basics and quickly progress to more advanced features.

Our Microsoft Office courses are designed by professionals. They engage the participants with exercises that are supported by a short theory section. Instead of watching hours of videos, you get to solve problems throughout the whole course.

Benefits of Microsoft Office Training

Save time

When you know what you are doing, you do it faster. Maybe faster than your colleagues.

Do more

Microsoft Office has a lot to offer. With this course, you learn to use all its features.

Stand out professionally

When you know what you are doing, you do it better and stand out with your work.

Be independent

Working is more rewarding when you don't always have to rely on the skills of your colleagues.

Want to train your personnel?

When to participate our online Microsoft Office courses?

We provide several time windows during the year to complete the course. During the time window, you will have access to live support from our teachers. 

You are free to complete the course at your own pace. Depending on the course you have chosen, it will take normally from one day to two weeks to complete the course.

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